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Fast – cheap price – punctuality is what customers feel when looking for our truck rental.With a modern transport truck network, diverse payload types are distributed evenly throughout Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).Quickly respond to all needs of customers to rent freight cars and rent moving vehicles

In addition, with a team of professional and dedicated truck drivers of Taxi Truck Saigon.Make sure your goods will arrive safely and quickly when using our cargo truck rental service.

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You are completely assured of:

Vehicle quality: All trucks for hire are new models, with good performance.

Number of vehicles: Taxi Saigon has many types of vehicles with many different payloads.

Meet all your needs to rent a truck such as: 750kg truck, 1.4 ton truck, 1.9 ton truck ….

Truck rental: cheapest in HCMC market.

Truck rental procedures: Simplify the truck rental procedure.The car rental process is done quickly while ensuring the full interests of customers.


  1. Cheap taxi service

Provide freight packages to customers at competitive prices in the market.We publish the truck rental directly on the website.Ensure transparency and clarity.Absolutely no costs incurred.

2.Vans rental service contract by month

Due to the increasing demand of enterprises to find goods trucks.We currently provide truck rental services contracted by month, quarter and year.This is a very convenient service for businesses because you do not have to spend money to buy a truck, do not have to hire a driver and do not have to worry about the management and maintenance of vehicles, fuel costs, discount hao, … but still ensure delivery to partners on schedule through our truck rental service.

3.Leasing truck rental service in Saigon to the provinces

Not only providing truck rental services for goods in HCMC area.We also transport goods to other provinces such as transporting goods from Saigon to Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang … 13 Western provinces, Southeast provinces, Central Highlands … and the opposite side

4.Transport service

We always focus on providing customers with the most convenient transportation So besides providing package moving house service. solutions.We also rent moving trucks based on the amount of furniture to move and the route you provide.

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The taxi fare is super cheap

The freight for the truck is super cheap, with the opening price from only 350,000 VND.

Your goods have been transported in the safest way.Discounts and incentives are extremely attractive for customers who sign long-term cargo truck rental contracts

With the desire to become a reliable companion.We always focus on customers in all our efforts to improve the quality of truck rental services.The team of modern trucks, the operators are always enthusiastic about consulting, with a team of professional drivers.We will continuously add value to your company in every freight.

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